The Textbooks For a Year Scholarship

The MyBookBuyer Spring 2014 Scholarship is now open!

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Here at, we believe in providing college students with opportunities, experience, and something to do between all-night cram sessions. That’s why fully half of our staff are students. We also know better than most how much textbooks can cost, which is why we started the Textbooks For a Year Scholarship essay contest, to give students the opportunity to win enough to buy their textbooks for a whole year.

The Textbooks For a Year Scholarship essay contest was first established in 2009. We strive to enhance educational opportunities for students by conducting this scholarship contest twice every year (Spring and Fall).

The Spring 2014 Scholarship contest is now open for submissions. Feel free to view some of our past winners and award winning essays here.


Spring 2014 Award:
Entries must be submitted on or before midnight PST May 31, 2014 to qualify. One Grand Prize Cash Winner and one Runner-Up Winner will be announced on or before June 25, 2014.
Grand prize: $1,250
Runner-up prize: $250

Spring 2014 Scholarship Topic:
Your task is to write about a tip to share with college students. Imagine you are writing an article or blog post for a college themed blog. You can share an experience that taught you a valuable lesson as a student or describe something you’ve learned throughout your time as a student that would be useful to others. Some general topics may include: food/health/wellness, finance/saving money, study habits, nightlife, sports, etc. Be creative! Your response should be between 1000-1500 words and should cite two credible sources. For example, if you are writing about ‘How to Save Money in College’ you may want to reference, if you are writing about ‘How to Stay Fit in College’ you may want to reference Be sure to include links at the bottom of your response!


Applicant Eligibility Requirements:
Essays must be between 1000-1500 words.
Essays must be submitted through the online form before the deadline.
Responses must cite at least 2 credible online sources (like the example).
Open to attending college or university students 18 and older who are legal residents of the United States.
Only one entry per scholarship period is allowed
Please read complete contest information while applying. Entries must meet all requirements in order to qualify.

Full Official Rules
* “Textbooks for a year” based on an estimate of $1,250 per year.